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Introducing the Hoter-Instant Water Heater Model: JET - 110 V, 2 KW.How would you like to have hot water whenever you want it at a fraction of the cost of conventional water heaters? Hoter is the water heater for you. It can be used for homes, cabins, offices, hair salons, workshops, public buildings, mobile homes, etc. The Hoter can be used for showering, shaving, hand-washing, dishwashing and laundry. Easy to install Hoter begins heating the water automatically immediately as you turn on the tap and stops when the tap is turned off. It can heat water for any length of time and allows water-temperature regulation. The heating element, adjacent to the water outlet, has a thermostat that prevents overheating. Manufactured with advanced technologies Hoter has proven to be safe and economical because it heats the water as it passes through it allowing savings on electricity, water and, of course time! Efficient ;Hot water anywhere, anytime you want!; ;Constant and stable water temperature! The heated water never runs out! ;Manufactured with advanced technologies! ;Very easy installation! ;Splash proof casing construction! ;Safety thermostat avoids overheating and scaling! ;Energy savings and reduced costs! SafeThe Hoter is a secure device, manufactured in advanced technology and from quality components only. The heating element, adjacent to the water outlet, has a thermostat providing protection against overheating. The thermostat's location extends the life of the heater, deters the accumulation of fur and prevents burns to users.ConservingThe Hoter is a very conservational heating device which warms only the water passing through it at the time, instantly. There is no waste of electricity, water or time.During showers taken with the Hoter that last 10 minutes, the financial savings amount to about 70 percent relative to a regular electric heater with a capacity of 120 liters. Technical Specifications Manufactured with advanced technologies! Built-in water-filter at the inlet to the heater! Very easy installation! Top right cable entry! Water connection – 1 / 2 BSP! Option – pressure relief value! Very easy installation! Comes with: sink kit head and holder + inlet electrical cable. Product dimension's without Accessories: Diameter 95 mm, Length 150 mm The 2 KW water heater will increase the temperature of incoming water by 20 degrees Celcius in a flow rate of 1.6 L/minute. Packing box dimension's: 100 mm L / 95 mm W / 250 mm H 4,200 heater unit fills a 20ft container & 8,600 / 40 container Power Rating Kw 5.5 5.0 4.5 4.0 3.5 3.0 - - - + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + Volts 110/120 1-phase 220/240 1-phase 190/415 1-phase Heater Type Jet Flow rate versus Temperature variation Energy saving test Comparing between an Instant Water Heater and Electric Storage Tank Number of showers per day Energy savings obtained by using instant water heater 1 85% 2 75% 3 68% 4 63% 5 57%ddd Please read the enclosed instructions carefully before installing and using your instant water heater! The diagram below describing regular vs inline Hoter's will help you to understand the intallation specifications. Be advised that this is an electric device and must handled with care !! TYPES OF HOTERS - some extra information Note: This Hoter is a REGULAR model (not inline) The Inline Hoter is called inline because it sits on the water line. It can heat water and deliver it to a number of output points (shower, kitchen-sink etc…). The regular Hoter is more useful when you need only to heat water and output it to one point / faucet - an example of such a situation might be in a restaurant for washing dishes in a specific area, with regulation temperature hot water. Hoter is manufactured using advanced technologies and highest quality components.It comes with a 2 year manufacturer's warranty!


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Item Attributes

  • Model:  Jet 110V 2KW Shower
  • Power 110v:  2KW
  • Breaker AMP (110v):  18amp (2kw)
  • Volt:  110v
  • Type:  Regular Shower
  • Usage:  One Shower Only
  • Supplier Code:  1125289311021

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